Jewellery Care

 Health Guide for Jewellery

How to care for your precious MIZOYAs

  • Right Storage means Long lived Jewellery

  • The products may eventually tarnish if they are exposed to moisture and sunlight for extended periods. Store your goods in airtight spaces, zip locks, and soft cloth bags to prevent that. Our packaging includes jewellery pouches and a soft surface that are specially made to prevent scratches and marks on your jewellery.

  • Store Gold Jewellery the Right Way

  • Gold is less likely to tarnish than silver, but it's still clever to save it in a safe space. You can use the identical kinds of tarnish-preventative bags to keep your gold demi-quality jewellery, or your padded jewellery kits and cases to offer a smooth ground to them

    To increase the existence span of your demi-fines , avoid contact with soaps, perfumes, water/pool water, and many others and pick to put on your jewellery after applying your perfume. If you perspire in your jewellery, it is advised to give it a short clean with a material to keep away from any residue that might stupid down the finish

    ​To smooth gold plated jewellery, softly run a soft material on it to clean the regions as wanted.


  • The nice factor you can do is add some padding or cushioning for your garage about defensive and keeping portions that have actual pearls, semi-precious stones, or cubic zirconia diamonds. To prevent scratches or stains from forming, you can wrap your pieces in soft cloth or pouches.

    To prevent your stones from coming loose in their settings, use light pressure when brushing the pieces after cleaning.

  • Sterling Silver

  • Your 92.5 Sterling Silver jewellery should ideally be stored separately from your gold jewellery in a tarnish-resistant bag. It is best to clean sterling silver occasionally while it is not in use, but it can be worn and carried in any way and usually does not fade or lose its shine when exposed. ​

    ​For cleaning sterling silver, mix lukewarm water with a slight dishwashing detergent. After submerging the jewellery in the mixture for a quick while, take it out, allow it to dry, and buff it with a gentle sharpening material.